Captive Male Confinement Cage with Urethral Spout

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Kategorie: BDSM

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Keep your captive under lock and key with this intriguing confinement piece. Choosing one of the four differently sized rings to fit over the cock and balls, then fitting the cage over the penis shaft, you can now lock him into submission. Take things up a notch with the removable stainless steel urethral spout. The spout is hollow, allowing liquids to pass through. This set comes with 1 cock cage, 4 graduated C and B rings, and one removable stainless steel urethral spout. Fastens easily and quickly with just a flat head screwdriver. Measurements: Rings: Small: 1.65 diameter, Medium: 1.75 diameter, Large: 1.85 diameter, X-large: 2 diameter; Cage: 1.4 inches internal diameter, 2.75 inches internal cage length, 3.5 inches total internal length; Spout 0.23 inches in diameter, 2.35 inches insertable length Material: Cage: ABS plastic; Spout: Stainless steel Color: Black

Art: Keuschheit
Farbe: schwarz
Material: Kunststoff
Besonderheit: abschließbar

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